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Natural Born Humans: the store name

This name was inspired to the movie Natural Born Killers. It was a consciousness: to be human is a crazy attitude today, but somehow, that's what we all have in common.

Me and Giacomo: we feel to be Natural Born Humans, and we want to share our identity through fashion here in our platform.

nabohu.com is therefore an online platform, where you can discover, read, watch or shop, dedicated to those who do not want to be the same as others, and is  in the search for authentic styles, inspired by a concept of life, a passion for clothing.

nabohu.com is dedicated to those who are looking for different garments, with a story to tell, and a defined character.


Our world has changed. Luxury does not mean anymore expensive, precious materials and finishing. It doesn't mean anymore big brand names. The new luxury is for the trendsetters. The new power is about culture and sensitivity: the talent of discovery. We belive the new fashion luxury is to be able to wear clothes that nobody has, not to follow the mass, not to show a bold brand name, but to create a very personal look. That's who we are, that's what we do, and we are persuaded if you are reading here now, you are exactely like us!

ABOUT OUR selection of fashion collections

Both Incontaminato and XCONCEPT labels are part of nabohu.com creative team. Both Brands have been founded by us, as you can read in our timeline and in our about us.
nabohu.com, as a new online platform is the place where our creatives make new collaborations with emerging labels in various fashion fields. Since the beginning, our styling and editorial proposal represents the nabohu.com fashion style.

about our BRANDS

We have a passion and experience into the avant-garde fashion and we prefer to discover new trends instead of following existing trends. This is why our selection of collections, our styling proposal is the result of our research, in order to propose something different from the mass trends and something personal and original. Our aim is to expand our brands selection finding out niche fashion accessories and clothing collections to propose to our clients.


Natural Born Humans Store - nabohu.com is an exclusively digital store, but our team is following every single interaction with our clients, nothing is only automated, we are here with our team to establish a relationship with our clients! So please, do not hesiatate to connect with us if you wish to receive any suggestion or information.