xconcept company foundation

Athens, 2007

XCONCEPT fashion brand was founded in Greece by Gabriele Bensi. From Tuscany, Gabriele moved to Athens where he founded his label XCONCEPT Fashion, and a showroom where the fashion brand was sold through. The brand became popular in Greece.

xconcept store founded in bali

Bali, 2010

The first direct to consumer physical xconcept store was born in Bali. Here the founder decided to create a mono-brand experience, using the typical black and white colors and the cross representing the brand.

XCONCEPT Store Opens in Piombino, Livorno

Piombino, 2011

Giacomo Cerbai met Gabriele Bensi and the duo became associates. Giacomo decided to open an Italian based company, the XCONCEPT Store company, and to settle the first Italian XCONCEPT Store in his hometown, selling xconcept clothing and other accessories avant-garde brands such as Ugo Cacciatori Jewelry, Vic Matié shoes.



Giacomo Cerbai was living in Florence when he met Lilit in 2011. She joined the team, and together Giacomo and Lilit started Italian showroom selling XCONCEPT fashion brand  to italian and international avant-garde fashion stores.

XCONCEPT Store opening in Bangkok

Bangkok, 2013

The third XCONCEPT Fashion brand boutique owned by our company was founded in Bangkok, Siam Square Mall. Jutatip Sornsiri joins the team managing Thailand market.

Incontaminato Label was created


Our founder Giacomo, together with his partner Lilit and a series of young fashion designers graduated in Italian Fashion Schools, gave life to the new streetwear avantgard label Incontaminato, starting selling it through a selection of Italian boutiques.

Paris and Milan fashion weeks


It was the expansion moment. The company, headed now by the four partners, located in Italy and Bangkok, started participating into international fashion shows in Paris (Cube Showroom) and Milano (The One Showroom).



In 2016, Gabriele Bensi founded the second xconcept store in Bangkok which became the fourth physical store owned by the company. The store is located in Terminal 21 Mall, Asok Skytrain station, floor 1.

xconcept is recognized as international avantgarde brand

PARIS, 2016

Our team, is now used to attend fashion weeks in Paris and Milano. The XCONCEPT brand is distributed to international buyers of avantgarde stores from Japan, Russia, China, Germany, Greece and more coutries, buillding its definitely strong crew of fans.



The fifth flagship store next opening in Bangkok, Pattaya, is planned. Thailand is a fast moving country, and the government is investing in the redevelopment of seaside areas such as Pattaya, which is becoming a new luxury spot. Our team decided to invest in this location: the new store will open in 2018.

Natural Born Humans Foundation


Our new baby was born! As you might know after reading our timeline, our company traditionally worked in a B2B environment, selling to high end fashion stores all over the world. But now, with new technologies and this changing world, we decided to go for a new challenge! Selling directly to customers in order to create a direct relationship with our clients. That's why we decided to launch nabohu.com, our online store, where we sell our fashion brands and more avant garde items (upcoming) to an international community of trendsetters searching for a niche avantgarde fashion product. Our offices are located in Florence and our e-commerce warehouse is based in Piombino, the hometown of our founder Giacomo Cerbai.