Russian Gangs and Faux Fur is the new Winter Collection by XCONCEPT

Fall winter 2018/2019 XCONCEPT presents a collection inspired to RUSSIAN GANGS and human negative heroes.

XCONCEPT collection looks towards new and old human characters and habits and is inspired to the Russian Gang as a concept. It’s a way of conceiving the inner xconcept character, typical of every collection by the brand.
Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection unveils a consistent direction for the fashion brand. Latest collection were always inspired to specific human characters _ SS17 to a dark and glamorous gentlemen, FW17/18 to a king knight, SS18 to a freedom biker _ and so it is this winter collection, which achieves a special consistency of representation with brand’s DNA: avant garde, pure unconventional, dark label with an Asian inspiration and a comfortable silhouette.
Winter collection plays moreover with cuts: as after a gang fight, clothes are trimmed and opened or parts are taken off. The collection is divided into four categories of garments:
posh — asymmetric elegance
knit — hand knitted oversized
woolen — rich faux fur coats
grunge — comfortable white-ropes fleece
As far as it concern colors collection is presented in total black, total grey (dark or light).

Creative director and founder : Gabriele Bensi
Photography: Carolina Gheri
Styling & Image direction: Giacomo Cerbai

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