Fashion is Black. Or isn't it?


Last decades have seen a rise of a fashion dark culture, which in the eighties and the ninghties was instead segredated into the Goth subculture, and people wearing black total looks were perceived as a weird population: do you remember? In Italy they were simply called "the dark", to differentiate from punks and other subcultural groups. The fact is that, as it happens quite normally into fashion the style of the poor or of the weird might become the style of the rich and generate a fashion trend (think to hip hop and other black culture trends).

(un-cool is the new cool)

So, starting from the Japanese avant-garde designers Yoshi Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, or the Antwerp-six, or flying to Usa, with Rick Owens, the black fashion culture penetrated into high society and trendsetters adopted it, creating a real fashion approach, and generating the urgence of many emerging designers to work on this style, making it the style of the black fashion clan. Now, instead of diving deeper into the meaning of fashion, we are interested into this theme: is fashion black, or is black the representation of fashion? Are we wearing black clothes because they make us feel cooler, more fashion, or even more aggressive, introspective, and un-fashion (un-cool is the new cool)?

What do we think about black?

Giacomo said: "In my personal opinion black is a state of mind, and a way of fashion: it's something I wear as my comfortable uniform, it's the most personal color I can wear."

Lilit said: "I need black clothes for 2 reasons: one, when I need to separate myself from the others, and to create a dinstance, two, for work * as it is, though, the fashion color nowadays." 

Giacomo in Florence

How would we style it?

Giacomo said: "I like total black outfits, in recent times I added a touch of white like in the shoes, or white socks (I love sporty socks in white and black coming out of the shoes), or a hat (like in this picture) and usually some accessories like leather, always black, and silver or steel jewelry."

Lilit said: "My approach to black is to mix different fabrics, with different pattern, in order to create some shimmering, and some of the clothes in the outfit shall have little accessories in a different color, like a white rope, or a silver zip." 

Leave us your comments, do you feel black too? 

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