A phtographic project aiming to illustrate our social desease became a screen printed scarf series

Incontaminato Design brand's creative team released a series of pictures taken in Italy, on the streets or in a studio, with the aim to illustrate our hidden social behavior or contemporary obsessions, or desease.

The pictures are post-produced with special effects, colors, and pasted with other elements to illustrate each theme, from environmental emergency, to migrations, to addictions. Each written piece is taken from real documents searched online, from charity associations or articles.


The photographic project has been screen printed on a series of scarves, handmade and painted in Italy in a small artisanal shop near Florence.
(To be continued....)
The project aims to be continued and generate collaborations with small charity associations around the world, suggested by our clients or auto-submitted, in order to focus on projects that can help specific local communities or the environment through the launch of a charity based cause. You will be updated about this!

And please, if you have ideas to submit in order to create collaborations with charity associations and help specific communities with the future steps of this project, do not hesitate to write here below: we'll get in touch with you.


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