Our fourth physical store opening in Bangkok Pattaya

For those who use to travel to Thailand, there's something sure about Pattaya: it's all about sex and cheap accomodations. However, in recent years, Thailand government is working on a campaign with the aim of redeveloping the country. Many initatives in the very last years made of Bangok one of the most visited Asian cities, and one of the most innovative. Pattaya, a piece of seaside not far from the city of Bangkok, has been recently appointed as one of those new areas to be modernized: the government is investing heavily in rebuilding the area infrastructure and creating opportunities for luxury services such as hotels, restaurants, shops and facilities. The strategy is giving the first results in recent times, with the opening of many luxury malls branches, such as Terminal 21. Our team is therefore working on this project and the new XCONCEPT physical store will open in a few days!
More details on the location and how to reach the store will be given soon.
Of course, if you visit Bangkok, don't miss to write us: we will send you a connection to our team.

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